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Ritchie's is a proud member of Bute Kitchen

Ritchie’s of Rothesay is a proud member of the Bute Kitchen

Bute Kitchen is a collaboration of island food industry entrepreneurs. From the farmers and smallholders growing and producing crops, dairy and livestock, to cheese makers and butchers crafting products from these top quality ingredients. Bute Kitchen aims to develop and promote this beautiful and bountiful island for the Bute the beautiful and bountiful Isle of Bute. 

Isle of Bute Gin 

Bute is the inspiration behind this small batch gin, crafted with care in the heart of Rothesay using a traditional copper still. Isle of Bute gin source botanicals from across the island and nearby areas to create best-in-class gin that lends itself to life on the Scottish isles. Gin include: Island, Oyster, Gorse, Heather and Oaked. 

Macqueen’s of Rothesay

Macqueens of Rothesay are a family business established in 1976. From local suppliers of beef, they hand select pure breeds the likes of Aberdeen Angus, Highland, Hereford. Their Lamb is from selected farms which have grazing down to the Bute shore line which provides them with unique flavored Lamb. They source saddle back Pork from the Island of Arran and other Scottish farms all with full traceability. 

Bute's Fruits

Jams, Chutneys and Preserves inspired by seasonal produce from the Isle of Bute.


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