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Working on our sustainability, from start to finish is integral to, reducing plastic, waste and food miles.

Fish & Food Miles

As a smokehouse we are very conscious of where our fish comes from, how it is farmed and how far it travels. We use Scottish reared salmon and trout. We choose locally sourced farmed fish over flying wild salmon from overseas, as a way to have a greener product. As well as protecting wild fish stocks.

We also reduce our overall miles as a business by delivering once a week to our courier partners. This prevents small trips for small parcels, and reduces our carbon emissions.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

As part of our sustainability philosophy, we use recycled paper bags, vegwear and natural materials where we can in our shop.

This also includes your delivery experience. Your delivery will arrive in a recycled cardboard box, lined with Woolcool, a B Corp registered business.  

Woolcool uses felted wool fibers’ which are incredibly effective at absorbing moisture from the air, minimising humidity and condensation, maintaining stable temperatures.

Rigorous independent testing to industry standards consistently proves that these products; maintains food contents at below 5°c for a minimum of 24 hours. Packed with ice, the pouches are sealed in breathable, hygienic food grade wrap, which is also recyclable. For more information on Woolcool products please visit

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