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A Perfect Scottish Duo

Whiskies that match perfectly with smoked salmon

We asked our friends at the Scotch Whisky Experience team for their recommendations of what Scotch whiskies would go with Scottish smoked salmon.

Old Pulteney 12

This classic maritime whisky has a gorgeous briney tang to it that will bring out the fresh flavours of the salmon.

Auchentoshan American Oak

Bourbon barrels give this whisky a spicy roundness with prominent notes of vanilla, perfectly complimenting the oaky flavours given to the salmon by the smoking process.

Inchgower 14 year old

A more unusual Speyside whisky with a light fruity characteristic and a coastal influence that compliments the saltiness of the salmon.

Ardmore Legacy

A mix of classic Highland characters (think flowers and honey) and a background of smoke make this peated Ardmore a good match for the sweetness of smoked salmon.

Isle of Skye

This blended Scotch whisky is light and sweet with just a whiff of smoke, allowing the prominent flavours of the salmon to come through beautifully on the palate.

Have you tried any of these matches? Or can you think of any other great whisky matches for smoked salmon? Let us know!


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