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Favourite Fish Dishes with a Twist

With a New Year already here rather than giving something up why not take up something new? We are thrilled to share our favourite fish dishes with a twist for you to learn and feel inspired. Simple yet fully flavoursome and using only the finest produce these recipes promise to please the most advanced palates.

Mediterranean Must-Have

Jazz up a traditional salmon fillet dish with a Mediterranean twist by adding chorizo to a side of wholegrain rice. Packed with flavour, chorizo serves as a natural complement to the oak smoked flavours of the finest fillet.

- Fry the chorizo till crisp and for that extra touch add in a generous amount of butter, parsley, onions and tomatoes and season with black pepper and rock salt

- Place all ingredients in a casserole dish and pour chicken stock onto the rice and roast until cooked

- Serve the oak smoked salmon on top of the Mediterranean chorizo rice

Kippers with Class

Thanks to popular demand, kippers are confidently back as a foodie favourite, providing a wonderful alternative to a traditional breakfast. The New Year is a wonderful time to try something new so why not try this rare but delectable treat. Kippers are not only mouth wateringly good but are also great for your skin and strengthen your hair so there really is no excuse!

- Pour boiling water over kippers for 10 minutes so that the fish slips off the bone lightly

- Make a rich succulent homemade hollandaise sauce by melting full fat batter in the pan. Crack the eggs and place yolks into a heatproof bowl.

- Slowly pour the heat warmed butter onto the egg yolks and add a dash of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkling of rock salt for added flavour

- Toast family-favourite English muffins, add kippers on top and complete this breakfast by adding a generous yet not over indulgent amount of hollandaise

- Lazy chefs are allowed to buy premade hollandaise if they must.

Hearty Haddock

A wonderful winter warmer is smoked haddock and mushroom bake. Wholesome and the perfect minimal-preparation maximum-happiness dish, the flavours of smoked haddock with mushrooms (use button mushrooms as flavours are enhanced when cooked) tantalise and delight taste buds.

- Place casserole dish of potatoes soaked in chicken stock and water in until they boil and soften then separate into a bowl and savour the flavoursome stock

- Fry onions until crispy brown and then delicately layer sliced potatoes on top of the onions in casserole Sprinkle with a seasoning of salt and pepper and allow the stock to add more flavour through soaking into the onions

- Add a couple dollops of crème fraiche to the potato layers to add a creamy taste and then lay the haddock on top and delicately place the mushrooms on top with melted butter whilst still leaving some of the potatoes and onions visible. Place in the oven for 8-10 minutes.

- Whilst this is cooking, make a hearty parmesan crust using thyme, parmesan and lemon thyme and sprinkle accordingly over the fish before placing back in the oven for a further 5 minutes and then grill this almost finished dish for two minutes until it turns a wonderful golden colour and then serve with a simple side of spinach.

There we have it – 3 fish dishes with a twist, and all on the healthy side too, so no excuses not to remain happy and healthy in 2017!





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