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Health Kicks of Kippers

Whole herrings, known as Kippers, not only have a rich history but also plenty of health benefits. So if you’re looking for inspiration on how to get a nutritious boost, then our traditional Kippers may be just the thing you need. Their high levels of omega oils, minerals and vitamins will have your brain and body feeling energised and ready to tackle the new year, and here’s how:

1. Kippers are rich sources of omega oils

Omega oils, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, are essential fatty acids found in every cell in our body. They play important roles in maintaining our cells, regulating blood clotting, blood pressure, our body temperature and immune function, and research has shown that Omega-3 even reduces the risk of heart-disease, strokes and Alzheimer's. However, our bodies can’t produce them, making omega oils a pretty important part of our diets!

2. Kippers are full of vitamins

With every serving of kippers you’ll get a good boost of vitamins, such as B-12, niacin, riboflavin and vitamins B-6 and D. These vitamins help you to stay healthy and energised, with the B vitamins even helping you turn your food into energy. And If that wasn't enough to make you want to try kippers immediately, then know that B-12 is needed for forming healthy red blood cells, and vitamin D for a proper immune function. Enough said!

3. They’re full of minerals too...

It’s hard to believe you can get more health kicks out of a serving of kippers, but it’s true. They are also a source of essential minerals, which are important for building strong bones, teeth, blood, hair, muscles and metabolic processes (such as turning food into energy).  

Needless to say, eating kippers is a perfect way for you to add variety to your diet this year, while giving yourself a nutritious boost of vitamins, minerals and omega oils. Even better, they are a sustainable fish on the Marine Conservation Society's list of fish to eat. So why not try some kipper fillets alongside a fresh salad, grilled with some potatoes or even in a sandwich? Their original and salty flavour will have your taste-buds craving for more.

And, if these health kicks aren't enough to inspire you to try our traditional kippers, then perhaps the fact they were understood to be a favourite delicacy of Queen Victoria will.



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