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Top health tips for 2017

January is for most of us synonymous with "New Year, New Me" resolutions, which are usually tossed aside come February. Although the setting of goals for an improved version of one's self can be very effective in producing a sense of positivity, well-being and an "I've got this" feeling, the overarching issue tends to reside in the simple fact that we always set incredibly difficult resolutions to counteract our ephemeral Christmas personas - socially embarrassing individuals, with questionable lifestyle ethics and lack of physical maintenance.

Now, what if 2017 was the year to set some actually achievable goals? What if we were to set intentions which we could live up to? It is no surprise that the Scandinavians are said to be the happiest people around. They don’t have more sun or tropical beaches, but they lead simple lifestyles, based on a healthy diet. Here are a few tips on how to reach this:

1. Start your day off with an immune system reboot: warm lemon and ginger tea (add a dollop of honey if you like it sweet). Of course we’re also sure someone somewhere said that coffee was good for you if you don’t overdo it. And red wine. And chocolate. Best not to start the day with those though.

2. Get creative with your breakfasts. Spruce up your traditional porridge with a swirl of almond butter and a handful of berries, or power it up with a sprinkle of chia seeds. As a good rule of thumb make sure your meals are bright and colourful and you know you’re getting some goodness in you. Head to your local Wholefoods market and expand your vegetable horizons. Dragon fruit, anyone?

3. Eat a variety of fruit, vegetables and the occasional quality fish. This will make sure that you get a lot of vitamins as well as Omega 3 into your system. Have a peek at the amazing benefits of eating fish.

4. Go for local, fresh, organic products. Indulge in some high quality national delicacies, for instance some beautiful .

5. The calorie-counting days are over; 2017 is the year to start focusing on the nutritional value of what you are putting into your body. Embrace good fats such as avocados, oily fish and nuts. They are amazing for your skin, hair and moreover, your mood!

6. Follow the example of the Scandinavians and the Swiss, who favor an energizing and nourishing lunchtime meal as opposed to a heavy evening one. Eat light at night, your body really doesn't need that much energy to get a good nights sleep!

7. Get cooking! There is nothing quite like a trip to the local market and preparing a hearty meal for friends, family, or simply yourself. Make time for homemade cooking, your body, your loved ones and moreover, your mind, will thank you for it.

8. Love yourself. Whoever you are and where ever you’re at, if you give all these resolutions a go or just one, you are awesome so keep doing you. (And if you can only manage one, make it this one.)



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